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February 20, 2012 / Richard Bass

Resources and Comments in Response to “30 Markers of Staff Team Health”

In “30 Markers of Staff Team Health” (the February 20, 2012 Alban Weekly), Susan Beaumont discusses the balance of collaboration and accountability that need to characterize healthy and productive staff teams.

Collaboration without sufficient accountability, asserts Beaumont, results in teams that lack clear role boundaries and performance feedback. Some staff end up shouldering too much responsibility while others fail to shoulder enough.

On the other hand, accountability without sufficient collaboration results in teams that function like individual “silos” and roles that are too rigidly set.

Either situation indicates a lack of team health.

Beaumont lists thirty “markers” of a healthy staff team—including “we have a clearly defined and well communicated statement of purpose as a staff team”; “each member of the team has clear and effective supervision”; and “communication within our team is open and above board.” She invites readers to assess the health of their teams by evaluating the extent to which each marker reflects their experience of the team.

What resources might support the health of your staff team? In addition to the items listed at the end of the article, please consider these items annotated in the Congregational Resource Guide: Church Staff Handbook: How to Build an Effective Ministry Team; Staff Your Church for Growth: Building Team Ministry in the 21st Century; and Church Staff Evaluation: A Tool for Effective Performance.

What are your stories and thoughts on this topic? And what resources do you suggest? We look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Lieve Van den Ameele / Mar 9 2012 6:00 am

    Ever thought about “Salutogenese” as a possible concept nt only for individuals but ever so much for organizations?

  2. PL / Feb 20 2012 9:10 am

    #21 Communication is open and above board. I think they all hinge on this quality. The lead pastor who most likely will be initiating this 30 point discussion needs to be able to foster an openness in the team and able to welcome new ideas and change. In my experience on staff teams for 25 years (in an associate role) I found it difficult to be above board when I thought the senior pastor wasn’t listening to truly understand or had already drawn her/his own conclusion about a subject. I did learn however that ongoing courage and commitment to honesty and openness on my part also could change things that needed changing, even when it was very hard.

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