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About the Alban Institute

2008 Annual ReportThe Alban Institute, located in greater Washington, D.C., is a not-for-profit, membership organization that develops and shares knowledge through consulting, publishing, research, and education programs.  Alban’s mission is to build up congregations and their leaders to be agents of grace and transformation to shape and heal the world.

We are committed to creative and practical learning that crosses cultural, religious, professional, and disciplinary boundaries.

As a forum for innovation, we bring together leaders of faith to share ideas and develop relationships. As a practical resource, we are unmatched. The Alban Roundtable is just one more indication of Alban’s commitment to timely and thoughtful support for congregational life, especially during this time of worldwide economic uncertainty.

Alban began more than thirty five years ago as a major resource for American congregations facing the challenges of a changing society. Today the opportunities have never been clearer for congregations to be vital communities of faith, health, and leadership.

As an independent center for learning and collaboration, crossing boundaries of denominations and faiths, Alban is helping shape the strong congregations of tomorrow. [View 2008 Annual Report]


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  1. A. Thompson / May 12 2009 3:59 pm

    Will the upcoming Webinar,”Starting a Nonprofit At Your Church” by Joy Skjestad, scheduled May 14, 2007 be recorded and made available at a later date for viewing? Please advise.

    (It has been recorded: here’s the link)

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