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The Alban Difference

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… based on the current explorations and research of Alban’s nationally recognized network of congregational consultants. Our 3-Day Seminars allow you to benefit from hands-on interaction with expert and engaging facilitators. Intimate group sizes in relaxed settings provide an atmosphere of authentic mutuality between teacher and learner.



…when you’re dealing with perennially challenging issues such as times of transition (when communities change, as do their leaders) or the systemic-dynamics that are always a challenge to healthy congregational life. Alban seminars, workshops, webinars, and custom-designed events bring you skilled educators who make these important skill-sets available to your congregation’s leadership. In challenging times, Alban is where congregational leaders turn for help they can trust.

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… and other leading educators and writers is made possible by the networks arising from our highly successful publishing enterprises. New online and onsite offerings are being led each year by writers and teachers in addition to the staff of our own consulting practice, bringing new energy and ideas into the mix that makes up “the Alban difference.”

ASSISTANCE you can trust – INSPIRATION AND PERSPECTIVE you long for – A COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE for your journey ahead.

wayne-floyd.jpgAlban’s approach to learning melds the practical and theoretical, action and reflection. Alban continuing education events for clergy and laity provide vital connections between knowledge and skill acquisition, spiritual formation, and the processes that transform congregations and communities, as well as individuals.

tiffani-berry.JPG Alban prides itself on being an independent center of learning that crosses boundaries of denomination, faith, and discipline.  Our on-site and online educational events prepare and sustain laity and clergy for their roles of leadership in communities of faith, drawing upon the myriad resources of our consultants, staff, authors, and other noted colleagues in education and congregational life.

If you need any assistance, please call, and our Education Associate, Tiffani Berry, will be more than happy to help you connect with the Alban resources that you need.

Wayne Floyd
Education Program Manager
The Alban Institute

2121 Cooperative Way Suite 100 – Herndon, VA 20171
1-800-486-1318, x 247

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